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Countless drivers waste thousands of dollars having "full coverage" on older cars.

Should I have "Full Coverage" on my 10+ year old car?

The term "full coverage" is used by motorists to describe fully insuring a vehicle with both "comprehensive" (which covers everything that could happen to your vehicle except for you causing an at-fault accident) and "collision" coverages (which covers the other party's vehicle/property damage and bodily injury if you cause an at-fault accident). Having collision only coverage typically is referred to as "liability" or "plpd". Note that (with collision only coverage) if anything would happen to your vehicle - hail damage, theft, or even an at-fault accident - YOU would be responsible for the repair of your vehicle. Is it worth it to have "full coverage" on a 1987 VW Beetle with 197,000 miles? Probably not. Anytime the replacement cost of your vehicle is equal to or less than your deductible, it would be financially irresponsible to continually fully insuring the vehicle. Antique, historical, vintage and specialty cars are the exception.

Many of the 100,000+ people that are shopping around for auto insurance everyday online are in a crisis situation, meaning that their insurance has either just expired or that they have received a letter in the mail from their auto insurance company is not going to renew their policy.


Shop early or pay more - NOW and later.

The desired start date you prefer for a new auto insurance policy is a CRITICAL choice. The further away in the future (7 days or more from today), the better the rate you will receive. More immediate start dates (like today or tomorrow) causes every insurance company to scrutinize your application (more or less wondering "Why does s/he need insurance so fast?" or "What happened with his/her last insurance provider?"). With immediate insurance requests, (crisis situation or not) typically you will receive higher priced auto insurance quotes and possibly higher premiums for years to come.